Betting on the Chicago White Sox

The 2013 season of the MLB is over now, and the new one doesn’t start until March 2014, but for people who take part in baseball betting, it has already started. Outright bets on the National and American Leagues, as well as the conferences and the World Series, start being placed at bookies long before the start of the action, as this is all part of the attraction of this kind of bet. One side hovering tantalizingly outside of the hot favorites, both for the American League pennant and the World Series, is the Chicago White Sox, but are they a team you should consider a wager on for either of these?

They are not a side that you should be looking at if you want a relatively safe AL or World Series bet, because there are teams in both competitions that are clearly rated as stronger by bookmakers and baseball pundits. The odds of 16/1 on the White Sox to win the AL (compared with 9/2 for hot favorites the Red Sox) make them a decent outsider bet, with the potential to pay-off. They are 50/1 for the World Series, which will make them a bit too much of an outside bet for that tournament for most gamblers, suggesting an AL bet is the best choice to make – although an online casino baseball slot game probably runs it pretty close.

Slot machines like these are making casino more appealing to sports fans than it has ever been in the past, thanks to quality games, cutting edge graphics and sound effects and the chance to play for a jackpot. One of the finest of these games is Hot Shot, a five reel slot machine where the visuals and audio make you feel as if you are actually at a top level baseball game, from the background of a baseball green to the sound effects of cheering crowds and bats hitting baseballs. Of course, all this would mean nothing if you didn’t have the chance to win some money playing it, but with a wild reel icon (the fiery baseball) and nine pay lines, you have every chance of a collecting a payout.

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