2014 Chicago White Sox Tickets: Top 5 Series At US Cellular

The season outlook on the south side of Chicago isn’t necessarily one of World Series grandeur, but that doesn’t mean all hope is gone. Cy Young candidate Chris Sale and newcomer, and former 2011 Cuban League MVP, Jose Abreu lead the charge for the young White Sox squad, who will look to improve on their 63-99 record from last year. Chicago White Sox tickets are on the rise and are seeing a year over year change that is up 18%, with the average ticket price at $91.49.

Take a look at the five highest priced season series below:

1.)   Chicago Cubs, May – Average Price, $149 – 63% above home average

The Crosstown Classic is always the biggest draw in the annual battle between the North and South Siders. The cleverly scheduled interleague series will feature the first two games at Wrigley Field and the second two at U.S. Cellular Field. The Cubbies as the biggest draw will only further drive a wedge between the two fan bases, but voicing displeasure live will come at a premium. The average price for this series is 63% above the average home ticket price for White Sox games at $149 each.

2.) New York Yankees, May – Average Price, $128 – 40% above home average

The Bronx Bombers come to town for a four-game weekend series in late May. The Yankees have completely revamped their roster this offseason with the major signings of Jacoby Ellsbury, Carlos Beltran and Masohira Tanaka. The $491M offseason spending spree may create even more opponents of the Evil Empire, but their drawing power on the road remains one of the highest in baseball. With an average ticket price of $128 for the series, buyers are seeing a 40% increase over the home average.

3.) Minnesota Twins, August – Average Price, $109 – 19% above home average

The White Sox aren’t often considered American League Central “rivals” with the Minnesota Twins, but their cellar-dweller contenders are currently one of the hottest tickets of the season. This three game weekend series in the beginning of August is realizing ticket prices at 19% above average home tickets, at $109 each. While the glory days of the White Sox-Twins rivalry may be in the past, nothing beats a summer Saturday at the ballpark.

4.) Detroit Tigers, August – Average Price, $105 – 15% above home average

The cream of the American League Central will make their final appearance in Chicago for a three-game weekend series to close out the month of August. While the Chicago White Sox may not be in playoff contention at this point, the powerhouse Detroit Tigers will certainly be making their playoff push. With ticket prices at $105 each for the series, you can bet that the 15% price increase over the White Sox average won’t last as the season progresses. With a complete star studded pitching staff and dynamic offense, the Tigers are a must see team this season.

5.) Kansas City Royals, September – Average Price, $99 – 9% above home average

The Kansas City Royals are coming off their best season since 1989 and are looking to continue to improve. Once a permanent afterthought, the Royals have finally started to see some of their top-tier prospects turn into solid contributors. This four-game weekend series in September is the final action of the year at U.S. Cellular Field. With ticket prices averaging $99 for the series, 9% above the home average, fans will have to pay a minor premium to get their last baseball fix.

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