Chicago White Sox Holiday Gift Guide

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MLB.TV Subscription
Price: $129.99 (2014 Price)

This is a gift that can’t be used until spring training, but for out-of-market White Sox fans, this is a perfect gift to give the White Sox fan in your life.

I’m an out-of-market fan of the White Sox, and for three seasons I’ve had MLB.TV, and now I can’t live without it during the MLB season.

Right now, the offseason package is $24.99 to watch the games from this past season, but this would be an IOU type of gift where you purchase it when the ’15 package becomes available.

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It says spring training games begin on or around March 3, 2015 for MLB.TV.

Here is a link to all of the devices that work with MLB.TV.

This gift to out of market fans hopefully will include lots of wins by Chris Sale and Jeff Samardzija, along with many home runs from Jose Abreu.

Plus, with MLB.TV, you can watch any baseball game live or even on demand. Like I’ve said, I enjoy this product and highly recommend it to any baseball fan.