Each White Sox outfield target as a Christmas gift

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Doing Nothing: Black Coal

What all of the above targets have in common is that they’re at least something. It’s not even a matter of wanting Chicago to purge incumbent right-fielder Avisail Garcia, but more the assumption that if real talent is going the other way for Todd Frazier, it makes sense to hedge that move with something of note that lessens the risk of futility.

Even if the White Sox’s argument is that Garcia still has a chance to be a centerpiece, regardless of how flimsy a belief that is, adding another outfielder would not dispel him entirely.

Melky Cabrera can easily make the move to DH and LaRoche can find a comfy home at “left bench”.

Whether the White Sox opt for the power of Cespedes, the OBP and defense of Gordon, or the nice blend that is Upton, they’ll be making a consensus right call either way.

I’m fine with the iPhone 6s or the used Hugo Boss suit, but what this fan base really deserves, what this roster really deserves, is that Mercedes-Benz.

Chris Sale and Jose Abreu deserve that Mercedes-Benz.

In fact, Jerry Reinsdorf deserves to treat himself to that Mercedes-Benz, although I’m sure he already has a few.

That’s beyond the point though. The point is that Black Friday discounts are still abundant, but that the elite tier isn’t sold out either.

Here’s to hoping Justin Upton, or one of the other flashy gifts ends up in a White Stocking this holiday season.