White Sox: An early look at the 2020 starting rotation options

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Chicago White Sox Reynaldo Lopez
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The Chicago White Sox could use Reynaldo Lopez in a multitude of different ways. He could be a starting pitcher but he could also end up being a very good reliever. He came over to the White Sox with Giolito in the Adam Eaton trade. He was probably the best White Sox pitcher in 2018 but he sort of struggled in 2019. There isn’t much room for error on this team right now as it continues to add and get better. Lopez needs to show something right away this year or he will be in the bullpen.

We have seen him be very good in the past so it would be nice to see this guy come in and be good again. This is a starting lineup that should be able to give their starters plenty of run support so maybe that will help him. He has never played for a White Sox team that was confident in its ability to score runs so hopefully, this year is different for him.

He will certainly get his opportunity at the beginning of the season if Rodon and Kopech need a little bit more time recovering or in the minors. That will be his opportunity to take a stranglehold on a rotation spot. It wouldn’t be all bad if he comes in and shows he would be a better reliever either. Having a good bullpen is important to winning baseball teams. Lopez has always been good his first time through the opponent’s order so maybe the bullpen could be good for him.

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Either way, there are seven options for the White Sox to throw out there at any given time. That is way more quality options than this team has had in a really long time. It is sort of underrated how good they can be because of how dangerous their starting lineup is. Everyone talks about how many runs they’re going to be able to produce but the pitching staff could end up being very good as well.