Chicago White Sox: Who would make an all-Chicago team?

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Tim Anderson vs Javier Baez

The White Sox have an elite hitter at the shortstop position. The Cubs also have an elite hitter at the shortstop position. Tim Anderson and Javier Baez each play the same position and are the most exciting player on each team. You can make the argument that they aren’t necessarily the best player on each team but they both make the case while being the most exciting player on their respective teams.

Tim Anderson needs work on his defensive game while Baez is an electric defensive shortstop. Tim Anderson won the Major League batting title with his .335 batting average in 2019. Baez hit .281 but he had 29 home runs and 85 RBIs. It was a solid year for both players. Winning the batting title was very impressive for Anderson and he should be proud. With that said, Baez had a better all-around year.

Baez had a remarkable 6.0 WAR in 2019. Anderson had a very good one with a 3.7 WAR but that isn’t even close to Javier Baez.  They are both very impressive players and the city is so lucky to have two stars like that who are just as entertaining as they are good. With that said, you have to go with the player who is more of an all-around star in this situation.

The verdict: Javier Baez