Chicago White Sox: Three players who deserve ten year deals

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Chicago White Sox Eloy Jimenez
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Eloy Jimenez. 74. player. 128. . LF. Chicago White Sox

The Chicago White Sox might not have a player in the organization that is more fun to watch than Eloy Jimenez. He is a joy to have on and off the field for many reasons. His off the field stuff includes funny faces, dancing, funny post-game interviews, and an infectious smile. It makes him very easy to root for when the game is going on and things should be a bit more serious. He makes the game so much more fun.

The White Sox are lucky to have such a vibrant personality on the team as they enter a time that is supposed to be so fun for the organization. Well, as fun as he is, he is even better at baseball. He has incredible power and he might be the best power hitter in the organization. He hit 31 home runs as a rookie and it felt like it was by accident.

He got off to a slow start in his rookie 2019 season but once he got going he really got going. He also had two somewhat lengthy stints on the injured list and still managed to get to 31 home runs. It really makes you wonder what a full year of health combined with more development will give us from Jimenez. That is why a ten-year deal might have been worth it for him early on.