Chicago White Sox: Predicting the 2020 Opening Day starting lineup

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Chicago White Sox Yasmani Grandal
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C. Chicago White Sox. Yasmani Grandal. 4. player. 128.

Batting fourth, the catcher and number 24, Yasmani Grandal! The White Sox spent a lot of money during the 2019-20 offseason. They knew that they wanted to bring in plenty of help for their younger players so that they can turn the corner here in 2020. Yasmani Grandal was the first domino to fall in the White Sox free agency period and one of the first dominos to fall in free agency for anybody.

It was a bit of a surprise because nobody really saw it coming. The White Sox were the first to report the signing which is a bit odd in today’s baseball. Normally, one of the MLB’s top insiders has signings like that first but the White Sox kept it close to the vest. It was also a surprise because of the fact that they seemed to be pretty set at catcher before he arrived.

James McCann was an all-star catcher in 2019 so it seemed like he was going to be the main guy there for a while. There is also Zack Collins waiting in the wings but Yasmani Grandal is one of the best catchers in the world. We don’t know how often McCann will be used but there should be plenty of situations that he finds himself playing.

You also have to wonder if McCann catches Giolito on Opening Day because of their bond or if this is one of the rare times he doesn’t so Grandal can make his White Sox debut in game one. Either way, Grandal is going to be a great big bat right in the middle of the White Sox order on most nights.