Chicago White Sox: Three reasons to not trade Tim Anderson

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Chicago White Sox Tim Anderson
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The Chicago White Sox are a team that is very young. Tim Anderson is not old by any means but he has been in the league for a few years now. He definitely knows how to be the leader of a clubhouse. He has shown that he can be a mouthpiece to the media and he can also lead the way in getting people to realize the true greatness of this team. They need a player with Anderson’s leadership skills to get them noticed and it seems to be working so far.

Last year, the bat-flip incident with Brad Keller of the Kansas City Royals was very entertaining but it also sent a message to the league. The White Sox were coming and Anderson wasn’t going to take it from anyone. He even jokes with ESPN announcers about them never noticing the White Sox so maybe with him, now they will.

They also are loaded with young players. He seems to be a great frontman for guys who are just trying to get going in the MLB. It is nice that he is only a little bit older than them too because he can lead while also being relatable. His age also should impact how long he is able to stay on the roster as an effective player and leader.