Chicago White Sox: Three trade packages for Blake Snell

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Chicago White Sox Danny Mendick
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Trade Three

If the Tampa Bay Rays actually want to trade Snell, taking a  prospect and some roster players might be something they want to do. If that is the route they wanted to go in, Danny Mendick, Nomar Mazara, and Jonathan Stiever would be great adds for them. This is a hefty haul to give up in terms of quality baseball players but none of them will move the needle the way Snell would.

Danny Mendick was a Gold Glove nominee. He was so good at fielding his position that the MLB wanted to recognize him for it. He didn’t win the award but for the amount of time he actually played, it is impressive that he even earned the nomination. There might not be room on the White Sox for an everyday starter role but that might be available somewhere else.

Nomar Mazara was a bit of a disappointment for the White Sox during the 2020 season. They are probably going to look for some help this offseason in right-field whether he is on the roster or not. They might as well trade him away now if it is part of a big package that lands them an elite player in return.

Jonathan Stiever is the White Sox seventh-ranked prospect on MLB dot com. He made his MLB debut in 2020 but didn’t get much of a sample size as he only appeared in two games. He will be given the chance to be a full-time MLB player in 2020. As mentioned before, the Rays are good at developing some pitching and Stiever might really benefit from going there.

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The White Sox and Rays might see each other as American League foes standing in the way of the pennant and that might cause them to not trade with each other. If they do decide to trade with each other, however, it would be nice to see the Sox acquire Blake Snell.