White Sox: The good, bad, and ugly of Carlos Rodon’s career

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Chicago White Sox Carlos Rodon
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Inconsistencies plagued Rodon’s promising White Sox career.

After the success of his 2015 season, Rodon was getting a little bit more inconsistent each year. He had a healthy 2016 where he appeared in 28 games, five more than in his rookie campaign. He had a season that was comparable to his 2015 season but was a little worse in certain categories.

His ERA jumped almost 30 points to get above four, where it would remain the rest of his career. Of course, you can argue that his numbers were going to be inflated due to more games that were pitched, but the ERA was concerning.

Rodon had a decent 2016 season but going forward his number would slowly get worse. 2018 would be his next “healthy” season, where his struggles seemed to be worse. His FIP jumped up almost a full point to 4.95, and his K/9 dropped to 6.7. Rodon had never been below 9 before that time.

Rodon’s shortcomings can’t be separated from his injury history, which is quite long in itself. After 2016, the decline of his play was noticeable as well as injuries began piling up for the once highly-touted prospect. That leads us to the part of Carlos Rodon’s career that leaves us calling it the ugly.