White Sox: Three underrated names going into spring training

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Chicago White Sox Danny Mendick
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Danny Mendick. 20. player. 128. . INF. Chicago White Sox

If any Chicago White Sox fans don’t know who Danny Mendick is, they need to learn. He is a fantastic player that the White Sox are lucky to have as a depth piece. He isn’t going to start a lot of games if the White Sox stays relatively healthy but he is great to have come off the bench on a good team. This is a guy whose bat is pretty good but his defense is outstanding. He isn’t going to win any batting titles or anything but when the ball is hit to him he is going to make the play.

Mendick might have been one of the most surprising players on the entire Chicago White Sox roster in 2020. Not because he was an MVP caliber player because they have many of those. It was because he was good enough to stick with a team that has legit World Series aspirations. If he keeps this up, he will be a big part of this team’s depth.

How often do you hear about a backup infielder’s Gold Glove nomination? The answer is not a lot but that was a reality for Mendick in 2020. He was nominated for the prestigious defensive award when he wasn’t even an everyday starter. That goes to show what the voters saw in his efforts. If he repeats that in a backup role for the White Sox in 2021, they are going to be thrilled with it.