Chicago White Sox: Three changes to make two weeks into 2021

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3. The Chicago White Sox needs to be better at managing the pitching.

It has been better over the last week or so but the Chicago White Sox needs to buckle down their pitching decisions. Starters being taken out too quickly, relievers being left in too long, or any combination of issues have cost the White Sox a game or two over the first two weeks of the season. It makes sense to control it all early on as you try to preserve arms but it can’t be at the expense of wins all the time.

Matt Foster was left in way too long during one of his early outings and that is just one example of a time where Tony La Russa made a bad decision so far. The good news is that he owned that decision and blamed himself. From that point on, he seems to have settled in. It does help when you have two starters complete games, have an off-day, and a rainout in a span of a week to rest the bullpen up.

This is something that will be especially important for the playoffs. Leaving Garrett Crochet in the 10th inning a few nights ago is also a critique that might have cost them a game. In terms of handling a bullpen, that is one of the things that sunk Rick Renteria in 2020 and why they brought in La Russa.

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Amongst some other things, this team needs to change the way they are dealing with it going forward. All of the things on this list are big but we have faith it will all work itself out. It is a 162 game season for a reason.