Chicago White Sox: 3 players considered untouchable right now

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Chicago White Sox, Michael Kopech
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Michael Kopech

Michael Kopech should be on the list of Chicago White Sox untradables every year.

You wouldn’t think that the White Sox would want to let Kopech go but his name has been mentioned in a few trade rumors. The young future star has had his ups and downs but his upside is solid and therefore, teams may come calling for his services. The Sox need him more than any other team does.

Kopech is a relatively fresh relief pitcher. He has been with the White Sox organization since 2018 but suffered an injury that required him to have Tommy John surgery. That kept him out for quite a while. Then, during the Covid-riddled 2020 season, he chose to sit out and wait until this year to play again. Sitting out might have done him some good, however, as he is fresh and ready to go.

In fact, he is much fresher and much healthier than many of the other players playing right now (despite suffering a hamstring injury earlier in the season). This would make him a prime target for a team that is building and wants to inject a little youth into their bullpen. Kopech has a lot of potential and could very easily be a valuable asset to any team in the very near future.

The White Sox cannot afford to lose him. While Kopech hasn’t made a gigantic impact on the team just yet, he will in the future and the White Sox will need that impact. It’s important that the team allow him to stick around so that he can help bolster their bullpen.

Unless the White Sox get something very good in return, look for them to keep hold of Kopech and have him end up being a very valuable member of the bullpen. He’s someone that they need to keep and would be wise keeping him for the future. Don’t look for them to be in the “selling” mood when it comes to Kopech.