Chicago White Sox: 3 players the team should try to keep

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The Chicago White Sox could use some offensive depth going into the season.

The Chicago White Sox could use some depth on offense. They were shown in 2021 that injuries can and will happen. Eloy Jimenez, Luis Robert, and Yasmani Grandal all missed significant time due to different injuries. It was somewhat lucky that they were all able to come back at the same time and be ready for the postseason.

If they didn’t have some heroic performances from unlikely sources, 2021 might have been different. One of those heroic performers this year was Brian Goodwin. He had a couple of big hits for the White Sox this season including a big walk-off home run at one point in the season. He provided plenty of power and put it to use at the right times.

Goodwin also provided some depth at outfield which is where the White Sox sustained most of their injuries. There was a point where their three starting outfielders were all missing so Goodwin was there for them during that time. He also has a very fun personality that is easy to root for.

It might be hard for the Chicago White Sox to keep all three of these guys while improving the needs that they need the most. However, if they can find a way to improve their right field, second base, and a couple of more pitchers while still keeping these guys, it would be really cool to see because this year was great with them.

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