White Sox: 3 Wild Card teams that could use Liam Hendriks in 2023

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Chicago White Sox, Liam Hendriks
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2. St. Louis Cardinals

Liam Hendriks might be a nice fit with the St. Louis Cardinals next season.

The only team whose bullpen failed them more than the Toronto Blue Jays over the weekend is the St. Louis Cardinals. They had a 2-0 lead going into the ninth inning in game one of their series against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Instead of closing it out, they allowed the Phillies to score six runs in the ninth. It was an incredible comeback victory in its own right. However, if the Cardinals had a guy like Liam Hendriks pitching, they might have won the game.

A day later, the Phillies controlled the score of the entire game and completed the two-game sweep of the Cardinals. They took all of the momenta that St. Louis had and turned it into their own. Now, Philly is off to the National League Division Series.

The Philadelphia Phillies don’t have a great bullpen either but the Cardinals let this one slip away so they might be in the market for some help. With some big names coming off the books this year, they might be looking to add someone like Hendriks.

There is certainly a lot that the White Sox could get in return if they were to make a deal with them. If the price is right, it is something to consider.