White Sox Rumors: Lance Lynn should not be starting vs the Cubs

Jun 29, 2023; Anaheim, California, USA; Chicago White Sox starting pitcher Lance Lynn (33) throws
Jun 29, 2023; Anaheim, California, USA; Chicago White Sox starting pitcher Lance Lynn (33) throws / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago White Sox are getting set to face the Chicago Cubs in the second half of a two-game series. They are hoping to get a win at home against their crosstown rivals.

On Tuesday night, the White Sox were defeated by the Cubs by a final score of 7-3. The White Sox looked like they were going to mount a comeback at times in the game but it all fell short. 

This team is truly awful and it is about time they start selling at the trade deadline. There are a bunch of people that should be on the move. 

One of those players is Lance Lynn. Lynn has been great with the Chicago White Sox over the years and it is unfortunate that trading him is the discussion that we are having. 

The Chicago White Sox should not be pitching Lance Lynn anymore.

On Wednesday morning, the rumor was that the Chicago White Sox were talking about Lynn with the Tampa Bay Rays. That would be a great destination for Lynn if he wants to be competing for a League title and potentially a World Series. 

A few hours later, a report came out about the Los Angeles Dodgers looking at Lance Lynn. Obviously, for the same reasons as the Rays, the Dodgers would be a great destination for Lynn. 

Lance Lynn, through all of this, is expected to be the starting pitcher for the White Sox on Wednesday in this second game against the Cubs. That is a very bad decision if they end up going through with it. 

The White Sox should not be starting Lance Lynn under any circumstances in this game. They should be keeping him out in preparation for a trade. 

It would not do the White Sox or Lynn any good if they want to get a deal done. The White Sox should try to be getting as good of a return as possible. Risking an injury to Lynn or seeing him pitch poorly again is not worth it for the White Sox.

Yes, it would be nice to see them put their best foot forward against the Cubs but this isn’t the year for that. Hopefully, they make the right decision here. 

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