Welcome to Southside Showdown



Welcome to Southside Showdown. Before I tell you about myself, I am going to tell you about what to expect every time you visit the site. Here at southside showdown you will find the latest news and rumors involving the Chicago White Sox. On occasion we will hosts live chats for the readers to interact with us, but that is more of a long term goal after we build up a larger fan base.

Now, on to myself, my name is Jordan Campbell. And my role on Southside Showdown as it stands right now is as a contributor. Meaning I will not be obliged to post an article daily, however I do intend to get as much articles out as possible. I am also the lead writer over at Cubbies Crib( Yes, I’m writing for both the Cubs and the White Sox.  I am 17 years old and heading into my senior year in high school starting next fall.

I enjoy writing for both the White Sox and Cubs, and I am not sure if I want to pursue this interest further once I get into college. As, I am very interested in becoming a defense lawyer.

While the White Sox may be struggling right now, I hope you still find interest in the site, as a source to keep up with all the latest White Sox news.