Danks Leads Sox To 1-0 Victory, Sox Complete 4 Game Sweep


John Danks definitely had his “A” game Thursday afternoon. While everybody else was speculating where LeBron James will end up, Danks was busy throwing a near no-hitter. He eventually gave up a hit when Reggie Willits led off the 7th inning, but he completed the game for a 1-0 shutout. Danks struck out 7 and gave up 2 hits. He was extremely efficient with his pitches, and his time – – the game lasted only 1 hour and 50 minutes.

The White Sox only scored one run. This came in the 1st when Pierre was struck by an Ervin Santana pitch, and Konerko drove him in on a sacrifice fly.

The White Sox swept the Angels in 4 games for the first time since 1983. That team went on to win 99 games. Carlos Quentin did not play once again, and Konerko came up short in the All-Star Voting.

Food For Thought..

I would like to hear some reader comments on what the White Sox could use at this year’s deadline. It now appears they may be in the market for a starting pitcher since they lost Peavy. They will address the situation internally, and if that doesn’t work, Kenny might make a deal. Also, Kenny has been on the record saying he might want some more pop in the lineup.