What Move Will the Sox Make?


That is the question, and with the trade deadline approaching, it would appear that  Kenny Williams is looking for a left handed bat or another starting pitcher. Daniel Hudson did not make a very good case for himself in his season debut. If the Sox are to trade for another starter, he should be a difference maker. The team could probably find someone internally if they are more so looking for an inning eater.

Let’s look at some possibilities around baseball for the Sox to delve into. Well, there is Roy Oswalt down in Houston, and he consistently puts up low earned run averages, but that is in the national league. The Astros will demand a good deal for Oswalt who is signed through next season. There is also Dan Haren in Arizona who has a couple years left on his deal. Adam Dunn is said to be available, but for a unreasonable price. Also veteran switch hitter Lance Berkman is most likely available.  Those are the potential difference makers.

So if it’s going to cost a king’s ransom to acquire one of these pitchers  or bats, who can the Sox give up in a trade? Are Daniel Hudson and Dayan Viciedo deemed untouchable? It appears their best trade chips would be those two plus 3B Brent Morel in triple A. With a depleated minor league system, players at the major league level would have to be included in a significant deal.

Kenny Williams will do whatever is in his power to get this team over the top. He has always said that if there is a way to conceivably make the team better, he would do it. The big moves, however, are not always the most important ones. Not to compare this team to the one in 2005 that won the World Series, but the only addition that was made that year was Geoff Blum. What seemed to be a small acquisition, made a big difference down the stretch and in the playoffs.

Owner Jerry Reinsdorf has said that there is now some flexibility to add some payroll given the Sox recent success. Williams has to decide who he can part with in a trade in order to improve his ball club. As he has said before, no one is untouchable.