Defense Commits 4 Errors in 7-4 Loss


Last night the White Sox played atrocious defense. One of the errors committed , although all seemingly crucial, led to a 4 run 4th inning. Dayan Viciedo booted a ball at third base that could have lead to a potential double play and a way out of the inning. The Twins then scored 4 runs.

This speaks volumes about the importance of Omar Vizquel to the team. When the 43 year old starts, the White Sox are  better. The fact remains, however, that he cannot play every day. Whoever is sharing the duties with Vizquel must catch the ball. The DL’ed Mark Teahen’s defense was suspect from the start of the season, and Viciedo has looked uncomfortable at the position.

The White Sox must start Vizquel for the next two days, at least. I know Ozzie likes to put in his Sunday lineup sometimes, but defense, as cliche as it may sound, wins games. These games against the division are the most important, and they can ill-afford another performance like yesterday’s.

The Twins are a team that takes advantage of errors. They also have the the highest batting average with runners in scoring position in the American League. So the more opportunities teams give the twins, the more they make those teams pay.

There are two games left in this series, and hopefully the White Sox will bounce back today as they send Mark Buehrle to the mound against Carl Pavano. Buehrle has pitched very well lately but so has Pavano. It should be an interesting game to watch, and you can bet Omar Vizquel will be starting at third base.