The White Sox Should pursue Fielder


After losing today’s game, some fans are experiencing something different — a losing road trip. I think it is more evident than ever that they should explore every avenue in a trade involving the 26 year old first basemen. Prince Fielder is a game changer, and he would fill a big hole in that White Sox lineup.

The fact of the matter is, the Sox have been lacking a left handed bat withconsiderable pop in the line-up with  pop. Up until a few days ago, I wouldn’t have been able to have fathom such a possibility, but Ken Williams never fails to please us as fans. If a deal is possible including both Gordon Beckham and Daniel Hudson, I think he should pull the trigger.

Sure, Gordon Beckham has been anointed as the golden child of the franchise, but this would be a move that could match them  up well with other teams in  the  central. Fielder is signed for another year beyond this one, and with the rotation pretty much set with the return of  Jake Peavy, the Sox could legitimately compete for a championship over the next two years.

The presence that a Prince Fielder gives you is dynamic, and other teams would no doubt pursue his services. This is why if the White Sox were to fall out of contention early next year, they could trade  Fielder, another big trading chip for quality prospects.

At this point it seems like a no brainer, and this guy has hit 50 home runs before in his career. Milwaukee may want more than the Sox have to offer, but Kenny Williams will try and get something done to improve this year’s team.