Can Jackson Help Sox?


So Kenny Williams acquired Edwin Jackson for the White Sox before the trade deadline, but just how much will he help this team? Jackson has had enormous potential since he entered the majors 7 years ago, but he’s never fulfilled it. He has an above average fast ball, and his breaking stuff is not so bad either. The only real problem I can identify is the walks.

He puts a lot of runners on base, and this goes against Pitching Coach Don Cooper’s philosophy of throwing strike one and getting ahead. Jackson has been a complete enigma thus far in his career. This was exemplified when Jackson threw a no-hitter this year, but he had a pitch count of 149.

Coop recently said that he noticed a mechanical flaw in Jackson’s delivery that could help both Jackson and the White Sox. The team needs Jackson to eat innings, but it would be a plus if he could go out and get some wins down the stretch.

Sox fan’s should take solace in the fact that Cooper has fixed problematic pitchers in the past. This a list that includes Gavin Floyd, Matt Thornton, and so on. Let’s see if this trend continues.