Crucial Series For White Sox Against Surging Twins


No one expected this, but the Chicago White Sox are 3 games behind the first place Twins. The Sox had multiple opportunities to stay right there with the Twins, but they squandered them. The last series against the Tigers pointed out some of the current shortcomings of the White Sox. I’m not saying that they can’t get better, but certain things must improve during this upcoming series in Minnesota.

The bullpen, one of the most consistent parts of the team all year, has been bad of late. With Bobby Jenks struggling to close and an ailing back, the bullpen has had to shuffle roles around. Putz has been inserted in the closer spot, and blown multiple saves. But if Putz isn’t closing games, then who will? It’s probably not a good idea to put Matt Thornton in that role, because most times he’s needed in the 7th or 8th inning. Sergio Santos can be erratic with his control at times, and the White Sox do not need a closer to put men on base with a one run lead.

The Sox need to shore up their defense if they expect to be competitive with the Twins this series. There have been poor decisions made by defenders and missed plays. Hopefully the off day refreshes the team and gets them to concentrate on Tuesday night.

If the Sox lose two games, they will be 4 games back. If they lose all 3, they will be 6 games back. That is not a manageable lead to overcome. The Sox better get it together and play solid baseball up in Minnesota.
Liriano and Pavano go for Minnesota on Wednesday and Thursday so it should be interesting.

Stay tuned for updates on the series.