Joe West Sticks It To Sox One More Time


Umpire Joe West and the White Sox have a poor relationship. Plain and simple, Joe West does not like Ozzie Guillen. Joe West probably doesn’t care for Mark Buerhle and his borderline balk move to first either. What happened last night is the icing on the cake.

Edwin Jackson, the Sox SP, warmed up in the bullpen, and then came into the game and threw 7 pitches. West then ordered everyone off the field. The game was eventually postponed and the teams will play 2 tomorrow. With this being said, Jackson probably will not be available for tonight’s double header. This is your old fashioned double header. Two back to back games beginning at 6:10 CST.

What’s so wrong with this scenario?? The White Sox potentially lose a start from a key pitcher in their rotation, and this could create a mess in the Sox rotation/bullpen.  Freddy Garcia will pitch game 1 and Tony Pena is slated for game 2. Uh Oh! On top of this, there is a game tomorrow afternoon! That’s 3 games in 24 hours.

Although West isn’t responsible for how the double header is set up, maybe one of his hidden agendas became apparent last night: a personal vendetta against the White Sox.