Sox In Disarray, Will Entertain Orioles At Home


The last road trip flat out stunk. Ozzie Guillen said the team’s playing like *expletive.* In this situation it’s do or die mode, and the White Sox are getting help from the Twins! They should realistically be back 2.5 games or so, but the lead is 4.5 now. The whole problem starts with the pitching.

All around the Sox have been receiving poor pitching performances. The bullpen is a mess, and the starters are not near the top in e.r.a. this month. In order for the team to win this thing, the pitching staff needs to be consistent from top to bottom. Chris Sale has been the only one pitching well out of the bullpen recently.

Buck Showalter and his Orioles are coming into town. The Sox had difficulty with them in Baltimore losing 3 of 4. They need to take care of their business at home starting now. The Yankees are coming in next. Anyone panicking?