White Sox Rolling, But So is Minny


The White Sox have won 7 games in a row, and the Twins haven’t allowed them many opportunities to gain more ground. Every win for the White Sox is important , and they must continue to win, period.

Verlander will oppose them, while garcia will start for the Sox. They will need to get to Justin Verlander early if they hope for any success. Also, it would be nice to see Paul Konerko back in the lineup tonight. He has been ailing from a stiff back that he thinks rooted from Saturday’s Double Header against the Red Sox. The Sox have had clutch hitting over their hot stretch, winning 10 of 13, and 7 straight on the road. They might have to continue this pace to catch the Twins.

Manny Ramirez may be an important cog in the entire machine, but he is not the sole reason that Sox are winning. The bullpen has been very successful, and Chris Sale has contributed greatly. The lefty got his first ML  win on Monday going 2.2. innings in relief.

The Sox will once again be tested on Tuesday night when they may or not be without Paul Konerko.