Joey Cora Is A Finalist For The Milwaukee Brewers Job


White Sox bench coach Joey Cora may finally get his shot at managing a team, as it was announced that Cora is one of the finalists for the vacant Brewers manager position.

The Brewers have done a very good job of keeping their search within the organization, and have let very few details leak out, unlike what has happened with every other team that is searching for a manager or GM.

This news is both good and bad for the White Sox organization. It is good because many within the organization feel the Cora is more than ready to manage a team, and he just needed to be given a shot somewhere. This could be his big break, and it’s something that he truly deserves.

This can also be bad because the White Sox would be losing a huge asset to the team. Cora is very good at making game decisions to benefit the White Sox, exploit certain match-ups, and controls most of the strategies used by the team. His loss would mean that the White Sox would have to rely on someone else to take those responsibilities, and there might not be anyone as good as Cora to fill that spot.

Regardless, congrats to Joey Cora for being a finalist, and while it would be a huge loss to see him go, I hope he finally gets his shot.