Mark Buehrle Wins Second Straight Gold Glove


In what comes as no surprise to White Sox fans, pitcher Mark Buehrle has won his second straight Gold Glove award.

Buehrle solidified his rep for defensive play on the very first day of the season when making an acrobatic play to get the out at first. Buehrle got control of the ball heading into foul territory, flipped the ball between his legs to Paul Konerko, and Konerko caught the ball with his bare hand for the out. That play was a legit contender for play of the year, and showed Buehrle’s defensive ability.

Buehrle was one of many repeat Gold Glove winners this season in the AL, and it’s a very well deserved award.

AL Gold Glove winners:

Joe Mauer-C

Mark Teixiera-1B

Robinson Cano-2B

Derek Jeter-SS

Evan Longoria-3B

Carl Crawford-OF

Franklin Gutierrez-OF

Ichiro Suzuki-OF

Mark Buehrle-P