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Decision Time Nearing On Arbitration Eligible Players


November 30 is nearing, and that means that decision time on arbitration eligible players in coming soon. For those of you that aren’t sure what arbitration is, this is the time of year where teams can make an arbitration offer to all of their free agents. These free agents can either choose to accept this offer or decline it. If accepted, the player would be back on that team for however much was offered to them in arbitration. If they decline, then that team will get either one or two draft picks from the team that free agent signs with, depending on whether they are a type A or type B free agent.

Now in the case of the White Sox, they have 4 arbitration eligible players this offseason. These players are Paul Konerko, Manny Ramirez, A.J. Pierzynski, and J.J. Putz.

In the case of Manny Ramirez, there will be no offer tended to him. The White Sox have no interest in bringing him back after the month long experiment at the end of last season failed miserably.

A.J. Pierzynski is likely to be offered arbitration because the White Sox have interest in resigning him for a year. He would be getting a raise this upcoming season due to the arbitration offer, but with the risk of not having a reliable catcher next season it’s a move the White Sox need to make.

J.J. Putz is also going to be offered arbitration because there is a good chance that he will sign elsewhere. The White Sox are going to try their best to resign Putz, as he will be a viable option for a closer since it looks like the White Sox are trying everything they can to get rid of Bobby Jenks. If he does decide to sign elsewhere, the White Sox would receive a draft pick and that’s better than getting nothing for him.

There has been a toss up over whether or not arbitration would be offered to Konerko, but it looks like he will be offered arbitration as well. He’s likely to get a multi-year deal wherever he ends up, so arbitration is almost a lock to be declined. In that case, the White Sox would receive two draft picks from wherever he signs, and again that would be better than getting nothing.

After November 30 passes, December 2 becomes the next important date for the White Sox as 4 more players become arbitration eligible if the White Sox do not offer contracts for 2011 to them. These players are Bobby Jenks, Carlos Quentin, Tony Pena, and John Danks. Danks and Quentin are likely going to receive arbitration offers while there is a good possibility that Jenks and Pena will be non-tender candidates.