Why The White Sox Need To Pick Up A Power Hitter For 2011


It has been well documented that since the White Sox traded away Jim Thome, there has been a severe lack of a true power hitter/DH type player on the South Side. The rotating DH experiment from this past season was a total failure and only proved how much the White Sox need a DH in their lineup. There was no one to help out Paul Konerko and help carry the team, and that’s just one of the reasons why the White Sox couldn’t keep up with the Twins down the stretch.

As documented as that is, there’s more than just the failure of the rotating DH that proves why the White Sox need a DH type player. With the possibility of Paul Konerko not returning to the team, there is not one player on the team that can consistently average 25+ home runs and around 100 RBI every season. Carlos Quentin could have been able to do that, but with his injuries the past couple seasons he can’t be relied on as heavily as he was in 2008. Look back at all of the championship teams over the past 10 years, and there’s almost a 100% chance that there is at least one player that fits the bill of a true DH. Take the 2005 White Sox for example, do any of you think we would have been as successful as we were without the power hitting of both Paul Konerko and Jermaine Dye? I don’t think so, and I’m sure many of you would agree with me. The Yankees thrive on power hitting, and look at how many championships they have won. It’s very rare to find a successful team that doesn’t have an outstanding power hitter/DH.

If that doesn’t help put things into perspective, then maybe this will. The White Sox need to pick up a power hitter this offseason just to keep in stride with the Detroit Tigers and the Minnesota Twins. The Twins lineup is filled with power hitters from Justin Morneau to Joe Mauer to Michael Cuddyer to Jason Kubel, it’s easy to say there isn’t a lack of power on that team. For the Tigers, Magglio Ordonez and Miguel Cabrera is a very dangerous 1-2 punch. Now add in Victor Martinez, whom the Tigers just signed today, and that’s a pretty scary looking lineup.

There are still plenty of players that will fit the bill for the White Sox in terms of a DH, so hope is not lost in the slightest. Whether the White Sox can get Adam Dunn, trade for a guy like Prince Fielder or Adrian Gonzalez, or pick up another free agent that will supply adequate power is almost a sure thing at this point. Who ultimately comes to the South Side is going to come down to money.

However, regardless of who comes here, the White Sox need to bring a guy to the South Side over the next few months, otherwise they are giving the Twins and Tigers an advantage before the season even begins.