Alexei Ramirez Opts Out Of Contract With White Sox


Shortstop Alexei Ramirez elected to opt out of his contract for 2011 with the Chicago White Sox yesterday. Ramirez was slated to make $1.1 million this upcoming season, but by opting out of his contract he is getting a $1.4 million raise which would make his salary $2.75 million next season.

Considered the favorite for the Gold Glove award this season, he was beat out by the Yankees’ Derek Jeter, in what many believe was a popularity contest since Ramirez had much better numbers than Jeter did. Ramirez also won his first ever Silver Slugger award for this past season, batting .282 with 18 home runs and 70 RBI.

The White Sox now have a week to decide whether to give Ramirez the raise, which is essentially a guaranteed move, and I would expect that move to be made either tomorrow or Monday when the Winter Meetings start.

Also expect a long term contract being given to Ramirez because the White Sox want to keep him for a long time due to the star he is becoming at shortstop and also because if he has another great year, it’s going to cost the White Sox a lot more money to keep him around for a long time.