Paul Konerko Rumors: Tuesday December 7th


It’s the second day of Winter Meetings and there are Paul Konerko rumors all over the place. Here’s a bit of a recap of the latest news involving Konerko:

  • It’s been rumored that the White Sox are willing to offer Konerko $12.5 million a season, possibly for 3 seasons.
  • Konerko’s agent Craig Landis is sticking with a $15 million amount per season for Konerko
  • The Baltimore Orioles, Arizona Diamondbacks, Texas Rangers, and Chicago White Sox are all in the running for his services, with the common belief that the White Sox are the “front runners”
  • The Baltimore Orioles already offered Konerko a lucrative contract that was apparently turned down by Konerko sometime in the past few weeks
  • The Rangers have decided to focus more so on picking up Cliff Lee than Konerko because they believe that the Diamondbacks and Orioles have neither the money nor the appeal to get Konerko to their team

It’s also been announced that there likely will not be any deal reached with Konerko today, so there’s going to be at least one more day of waiting before we find out where Konerko will end up. It’s getting kinda hairy now because the White Sox have other needs to fill, and they can’t just wait around forever on Konerko while all the other players they may be interested in get picked up one by one. I’d give it until Thursday at the latest, and if no deal is reached then the White Sox may just move on and see what else they can do