Vote on FanSided National League All-Division Teams


The “friendly” discussions are done and the All-Division teams have been picked. Now they will go head-to-head-to-head, the winner facing off against the American League’s All-Division representative, a poll which will be opened up next week.

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Here’s how I broke it down and reached my conclusion:

I like to call it “stubborn logic.” Don’t try to dissuade me, I’m stuck in my ways!

C – Brian McCann (1) def. Geovany Soto (3) and Buster Posey (2)

  • You know what you’re going to get from McCann. Can’t say the same for Soto and Posey. Yeah, Posey had a great rookie campaign, but so did Soto. Then what happened? What if Posey goes all Pablo Sandoval on us this year? Guilty by association. NEXT.

1b – Albert Pujols (1) def. Ryan Howard (2) and Aubrey Huff (3)

  • LOL.

2b – Chase Utley (1) def. Brandon Phillips (2) and Kelly Johnson (3)

  • Yeah, Johnson hit 26 home runs last year…but his strikeouts exceeded his previous career worst by 31. When in Arizona…

SS – Hanley Ramirez (1) def. Starlin Castro (3) and Troy Tulowitzki (2)

  • Castro is going to be a stud and Tulo already is a stud…but Hanley has a Twitter account. TRUMP CARD!

3b – Ryan Zimmerman (1) def. Casey McGehee (2) and Kung Fu Panda (3)

  • David Wright should represent the N.L. at third base, but Rob Dibble was clearly in control of the nominations.

OF – Ryan Braun/Andrew McCutchen/Matt Holliday (1) def. Mike Stanton/Jason Heyward/Jayson Werth (2) and Carlos Gonzalez/Chris Young/Andre Ethier (3)

  • Not fair that I group all the outfielders together? I don’t tell you how to use your vote, so lay off!
  • Think I’ve got something against the N.L. West? No…it’s just a really unimpressive lineup (says the A.L. Central blogger).

SP – Roy Halladay/Cliff Lee/Roy Oswalt/Josh Johnson/Tommy Hanson (1) narrowly def. Tim Lincecum/Ubaldo Jimenez/Clayton Kershaw/Mat Latos/Matt Cain (2) and Zack Greinke/Adam Wainwright/Chris Carpenter/Ryan Dempster/Jaime Garcia (3)

  • It would have been even closer if not for the devastating Wainwright injury, but the East still comes out on top. I just don’t understand why Oliver Perez didn’t make the list…

RP – Mike Adams/Brian Wilson (1) def. Ryan Madson/K-Rod (2) and Evan Meek/Carlos Marmol (3)

  • Score one for the West!

Totals (like golf, lowest score wins)

N.L. East – 11 points

N.L. Central -18 points

N.L. West – 19 points

  • I don’t think it’s actually this lopsided. Maybe I should have separated the outfielders and pitchers. Oh well, too late. N.L. East had my vote just by looking at the rosters.