The Triumphant(?) Return of Jake Peavy


White Sox fans across the nation were holding their collective breath yesterday afternoon. I’ve already posted twice about the irrelevance of spring training for viewers. Yesterday was the exception.

Jake Peavy took to the mound against the Angels to face opposing batters for the first time since July 6th, when he detached his latissimus dorsi muscle in the second inning and would not return for the rest of the season. It was an unabashed reality check for the Sox, who had been playing out of their minds the previous month, leading up to the All-Star break. It was the latest installment in a series of injury frustration in Peavy’s short Sox career thus far. The majority of Sox fans have been pessimistic, essentially writing Peavy off as a non-factor for the team going forward.

And yet we’ve heard Peavy making noise throughout the offseason and during spring training so far. Again, pessimissm. How can we trust this guy to stay healthy, or let the doctors know when he’s not healthy?

In a turn of events which shocked most everybody, Peavy’s Cactus League start on Friday went off without a hitch. He continued the Sox spring training streak of no pitcher allowing a hit thus far, pitched in the 89-92 mph range, threw a couple good sliders, and struck two guys out. It was certainly better than anyone expected.

In an interview this morning on ESPN 1000AM, Sox pitching coach Don Cooper emphasized the fact that Peavy will “absolutely” continue to follow the same path as the rest of the Sox starters this spring. Peavy’s also indicated that he is feeling “normal” soreness in the “right spots.”

It’s hard not to jump for joy right now if you’re a Sox fan. Obviously, we should all continue with trepidation. I’d imagine most fans will be holding their breath every time the guy steps on the mound for the entire season. That doesn’t mean that they can’t bask in this new delight among with Peavy.

He’ll be pitching again on Wednesday against the Giants, probably going three innings.

The suspense is killing me.