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Vote on the FanSided All-Division World Series

By Editorial Staff

The votes are in, and to the surprise of…well, nobody, it’s A.L. East vs. N.L. East in the final matchup to determine the best All-Division team in baseball.

Click here to vote, and I’ll break down my vote after the jump.

I’m going to slightly change it up this time, as I had previously lumped the outfielders together, as long as the starting pitchers and relief pitchers. It’s 1v1 all the way through here.

No. 1 starter – Roy Halladay def. Cap’n Crunch Sabathia

No. 2 starter – Cliff Lee def. David Price

No. 3 starter – Jon Lester def. Roy Oswalt

No. 4 starter – Clay Buchholz def. Josh Johnson

No. 5 starter – Tommy Hanson def. Ricky Romero

Relief pitcher – Rafael Soriano def. Ryan Madson

Closer – Mariano Rivera def. anyone you put up against him

Catcher – Brian McCann def. Matt Wieters

First base – Adrian Gonzalez def. Ryan Howard

Second base – Robbie Cano def. Chase Gimpknee

Shortstop – Hanley Ramirez embarrasses Derek Jeter

Third base – Evan Longoria def.  Ryan Zimmerman, who should be David Wright

OF 1 – Carl Crawford def. Mike Stanton

OF 2 – Jason Heyward def. Brett Gardner

OF 3 – Jayson Werth def. Jose Bautista, who isn’t even an outfielder

DH – Manny Ramirez runs uncontested. Just Manny being Manny!

Final tally – 9 for A.L. (including Manny), 7 for N.L.

I’m actually surprised by this result. I thought the N.L. East would have taken in down. I could disqualify the A.L. for having Bautista in the outfield (like I did in the A.L. vote), but if it came down to the divisions’ two best teams, I’d still take the Red Sox over the Phillies. A.L. East gets my vote.