Vote on the FanSided All-Division World Series


The votes are in, and to the surprise of…well, nobody, it’s A.L. East vs. N.L. East in the final matchup to determine the best All-Division team in baseball.

Click here to vote, and I’ll break down my vote after the jump.

I’m going to slightly change it up this time, as I had previously lumped the outfielders together, as long as the starting pitchers and relief pitchers. It’s 1v1 all the way through here.

No. 1 starter – Roy Halladay def. Cap’n Crunch Sabathia

No. 2 starter – Cliff Lee def. David Price

No. 3 starter – Jon Lester def. Roy Oswalt

No. 4 starter – Clay Buchholz def. Josh Johnson

No. 5 starter – Tommy Hanson def. Ricky Romero

Relief pitcher – Rafael Soriano def. Ryan Madson

Closer – Mariano Rivera def. anyone you put up against him

Catcher – Brian McCann def. Matt Wieters

First base – Adrian Gonzalez def. Ryan Howard

Second base – Robbie Cano def. Chase Gimpknee

Shortstop – Hanley Ramirez embarrasses Derek Jeter

Third base – Evan Longoria def.  Ryan Zimmerman, who should be David Wright

OF 1 – Carl Crawford def. Mike Stanton

OF 2 – Jason Heyward def. Brett Gardner

OF 3 – Jayson Werth def. Jose Bautista, who isn’t even an outfielder

DH – Manny Ramirez runs uncontested. Just Manny being Manny!

Final tally – 9 for A.L. (including Manny), 7 for N.L.

I’m actually surprised by this result. I thought the N.L. East would have taken in down. I could disqualify the A.L. for having Bautista in the outfield (like I did in the A.L. vote), but if it came down to the divisions’ two best teams, I’d still take the Red Sox over the Phillies. A.L. East gets my vote.