25th Man Race Gets Even More Interesting


So in his postgame media session today, White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen admitted that he knows what his 25-man roster will be, but he wasn’t able to divulge that information to us yet.

Ozzie being Ozzie, there were a few hints dropped in there, this being the biggest one.

"[Saturday’s starter Jeff Marquez] pitched well. He pitched good., He did everything we asked him to do, and that’s the best spring training he’s had – put it that way since we have him. But meanwhile, you have to make moves sometimes, the last move always hurts.[The 25-man roster] is already there. I’m just protecting my behind. That’s all I do. I think the answer [coming] from me is not the right one. The answer [should come] from Kenny because of all the rules. I don’t know the players’ rules, all kinds of things you send this guy down, you bring him up. 24 guys. They explained to me all morning about it. And I need help. I don’t know anything."

The first quote hints that Marquez might be the guy who gets cut, but since the team is only carrying 13 pitchers, one of them being Jake Peavy, that would just leave the team with 11 pitchers…probably not the best idea with Peavy on the shelf for an amount of time that nobody can determine.

But then we get to the second quote, talking about the players’ “rules.” This is clearly referring to either Marquez or Lillibridge, who are both out of minor league options. If they don’t make the 25-man roster, they’re placed on waivers and can be claimed by another team.

It gets more confusing. If Lastings Milledge makes the 25-man roster but then is sent down to the minors, HE runs out of options and is placed on waivers as well. That’s my understanding of it, at least.

So here are the possibilities:

  • Marquez gets cut, Lillibridge and Milledge both make the team, White Sox roll with 11 pitchers, Marquez will no longer be in the White Sox organization.
  • Milledge gets sent to AAA, Marquez and Lillibridge make the team. Milledge is called up later, White Sox protect all assets.
  • Lillibridge gets cut, Marquez and Milledge make the team, Lillibridge will no longer be in the White Sox organization.

Something may be going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about yet. General manager Kenny Williams could already be working on a trade involving Marquez or Lillibridge as we speak. Marquez could have already been put on waivers and they’re waiting for him to clear until they announce their roster decision.

Basically, this is real confusing stuff and the final decision will be announced in the coming days by Williams, not Guillen, so we have a full understanding of what went down and why. Right now, the first two scenarios are the most likely and the third is VERY far-fetched. The front office really likes Lillibridge.