Dunn and Quentin Show Up to Work…Arms Still in Spring Training


Don’t need to do much more than look at the box score for this one.

Nice to see Quentin let his production spill over from spring training, nice to see the Big Donkey kicking his DH-ing demons in the gut.

Juan Pierre got on base, Beckham hit like a No. 2 hitter. They came around to score. Rios’ swing is too tight to not come around in the coming days.  He had good at-bats, seeing a game-high 26 pitches. Got some offense from Morel – he’s got a ton of confidence right now.

Those first four innings, White Sox fans must have just been so pleased to see their $125 million payroll coming together so sweet.

Then something happened.

The gas pedal let up.

A few guys got on base against Buehrle, the Indians started getting hits, and then the hits started getting contagious. Soon enough, they had a momentum and cut the margin to a very manageable level. The bullpen wasn’t in shut down mode and couldn’t stop the bleeding. Will Ohman struggled at the end of spring training, and that continued today. Tony Pena was starting to look good at the end of camp, but was susceptible to outings like this one.

Regardless, the offense carried them today, but the pitching staff can’t ask for that every night, though they will have to go deeper into games. It was easy to lose concentration today, and hopefully this is just a little reminder for them to stay focused.