Ozzie Loves the Big Stage


This one was growing inside of Ozzie Guillen.

He’s been very energetic so far this season, very excited about his team.

Guillen was ejected in the first inning Wednesday when Paul Konerko struck out on a borderline pitch that probably crossed the plate in the strike zone. He took to twitter almost immediately.

The full story can be found here.

Just two games removed from breaking out of a long losing streak, the White Sox had finally settled down and played some real baseball games to open their series with the New York Yankees.

Guillen has been more active on his Twitter of late, another sign that this was coming.

Ozzie loves being on the big stage and is very emotional about his team this year, something he didn’t show much of in 2010.

Just like the “all-in” motto, Ozzie is playing the part. The team needs to succeed this year or there will be major consequences.