Tweets Cost Ozzie Two Games


Major League Baseball announced a two-game suspension for Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen Friday, a result of two tweets Guillen posted shortly after being ejected in the first inning Wednesday at Yankee Stadium.

Guillen will serve his sentence Friday and Saturday, returning for the third of fourth games against the Baltimore Orioles on Sunday.

Guillen understood his punishment and even went so far as to agree with it.

"When I talked to Major League Baseball, I know exactly where they come from, what they want. This is something they don’t want to get out of hand and I completely understand. I know what it happened that was going to happen. I talked to them for a few minutes, about half an hour and I think the conversation was great. They told me why they’re going to do it and they talked to me about  taking responsibility. The only thing I regret is that I’m leaving the team by itself for two days. But [serving the suspension] is something I should be doing. I shouldn’t be [tweeting] during the game. It was a great conversation and I’m with them 100 percent because they conversation was all about baseball. What we want for this game, what we expect from this game. We don’t want this game to go somewhere it shouldn’t be. – Guillen on two-game suspension"

Ozzie said he will continue to tweet, just not about baseball, since it gets him in so much trouble. Joey Cora will take over managing duties, but Guillen will continue to make the lineups.