Is It Time To Increase Lillibridge’s Playing Time?


Brent Lillibridge had another solid outing Saturday in an emergency start for Carlos Quentin, who was scratched with a bruised left knee. Lillibridge singled in his first at-bat and hit a two-run homer in the seventh inning of a 9-2 win. He played a solid right field.

He can also play a solid second base.

And a solid left field.

And he can lead off.

With Lillibridge’s production (.325 avg., .416 OBP, 4 HR ), albeit in limited action, rivaling that of Adam Dunn (4 HR, .308 OBP), Gordon Beckham (.220 avg. .274 OBP, 4 HR), Alex Rios (.205 avg, .265 OBP, 4 HR), Juan Pierre (.250 avg., .313 OBP), it’s time to open the discussion about him platooning with Juan Pierre and/or Gordon Beckham, whose early-season struggles have really been a disservice to the team.

I’m not saying it needs to be a permanent solution, but Lillibridge comes to play every time his number is called and Beckham and Pierre need a fire lit under their [rear ends].

Consider me Team Lilli.