Checking in on the farm: Dylan Axelrod


Nathaniel over at Seedlings To Stars has offered a really unique chance to look deeper into one of the White Sox’s prospects, Dylan Axelrod.

Axelrod was promoted to Triple-A Charlotte this weekend after throwing the ball extremely well at Double-A Birmingham, to the tune of 52 strikeouts in 50 innings as a starter, walking 12 and allowing just a single home run.

Check out Nathaniel’s story here.

It’s not out of the question that Axelrod could be spotted in September if he can mow down some hitters in Triple-A, given how starved the White Sox bullpen is for outs at times. Regardless, it’s a great look into one of the kids on the farm.

Meanwhile, this reminds me of another good story in the farm system – Jim Gallagher. For some more light reading, take a look at an article written by’s Scott Merkin, who profiled Gallagher after the first baseman snagged everyone’s attention at spring training.

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