Remember Juan Silverio? Oh…Neither Do I


My greatest downfall covering sports in Chicago is the fact that I didn’t grow up here. I didn’t grow up in the Midwest at all. I was only casually familiar with the Cubs and White Sox before I moved here two years ago.

It doesn’t hurt me in terms of covering games and topics concerning the current team, but when it comes to something like prospects who were prospects before my time here, that’s where my credibility takes a big hit.

Growing up in New York, I know all about Phil Humber and Brian Bruney. Juan Silverio? Not so much.

Silverio who was supposed to be the bee’s knees but fell off the map. Maybe you’ve heard of him.

He’s back on the map and Nathaniel over at Seedlings to Stars has the inside scoop.

Click here to head over and read about a 20-year-old who sounds like a Dayan Viciedo-type in that he wows with his power, but is inept in the field. Maybe someday soon he’ll be in Triple-A and Sox fans and media will be breaking down the front office doors to get him called up.