At Least Verlander’s Out of the Way…


The original thought was how the Tigers ambushed the White Sox, but that verb just gives the beatdown a little flavor.

Justin Verlander is who everyone thinks he is. The best pitcher in baseball.

I wouldn’t take him over Roy Halladay, but I wouldn’t take Roy Halladay over him, either. Dudes can throw a baseball effectively.

The White Sox just suffered what could be the final blow if they don’t pick it up and win Saturday and Sunday.

Ozzie really had a good lineup out there with A.J. Pierzynski back (I’m actually saying that), but there’s nothing many teams can do about Verlander these days. We’ll see if they can’t score about some of the less phenomenal Detroit starting pitching over the weekend.

Johnny Danks…well, it’s just been that kinda ride for him. This guy is the future of the starting rotation (Opening Day 2012???), so this is a season that will be forgotten quick in terms of his career.

Penny/Floyd on Saturday. Make or break.