White Sox Gutted By Tigers


I just did a Google image search for Tigers gutting things with the intent of posting one of the pictures alongside the title.

In hindsight, not a great idea.

I’ve decided to spare you, the reader, since if you are a White Sox fan, you’ve enjoyed enough of a gut-check this weekend.

Among the worst possible outcomes for this series included a sweep where the team gives up 17 runs in the first two games and 18 in the final game, being outscored by almost 30 runs over the course of the series.

It’s like getting hit in the nose with a foul ball then tripping down the steps and bashing your face in further as you’re escorted from the game…with ESPN cameras everywhere.

I owed you some imagery.

This is a series that the White Sox could have used five weeks ago when Kenny Williams decided not to dismantle this disaster.

This series will resonate over the next few weeks – not so much the series, but the harsh reality it brought the 2011 White Sox.

Not your year.

Barring a miracle, Ozzie Guillen will be a guest commentator on TBS’ playoffs broadcast in a month.

Style points to Sergio Santos, John Danks, Shane Lindsay and Mark Buehrle.