Jonathan Broxton signs with Kansas City Royals


Well, forget everything I said the other day. Jonathan Broxton has found a home with the Kansas City Royals, signing a one-year contract worth $4 million. Broxton, coming off of surgery, will most likely play a mentor role to the many young closer-type pitchers the Royals have in their bullpen and farm system. One would assume he’ll also pitch a little.

Aaron Crow, a huge piece of the 2011 Royals bullpen, was asked to prepare to be a starting pitcher for the 2012 season. His switch to the rotation most likely prompted the signing of Broxton. As with all players coming off of an injury this is a risky deal. The Royals were smart in giving him a one-year contract (which is why I think he’ll be a mentor more than he’ll be a big part of their ‘pen) for a small amount rather than overspend on a guy who may never play, or play poorly. Also known as Alfonso Soriano syndrome.

The free agent market for washed-up closers is diminishing with guys like Jonathan Papelbon and Broxton having signed. All that are left now are the potentially good ones – Heath Bell, Ryan Madson, Francisco Cordero, Francisco Rodriguez, Frank Francisco, Francisco Francisco, Fran Francisco, San Francisco, and Jon Rauch. The Sox should still be on the lookout for another lefty for the bullpen but unfortunately there aren’t many young guys out there. The left-handed pitchers available are the grizzly old journeyman veterans. And Brian Tallet.

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