Winter Meetings


The Winter Meetings have just kicked off in Dallas and White Sox general manager Kenny Williams has quite a bit on his plate. Williams is usually low-key during these meetings but this year should be an interesting one for the South Side.

Carlos Quentin will most likely be a hot topic this week. The right-handed slugger has been shopped around since the trading deadline and it’s about time he finds a home somewhere else. The Atlanta Braves or the San Diego Padres could be a great fit for Quentin and both teams have plenty to offer the Sox in return.

Gavin Floyd and John Danks were two players whose names were being thrown around a few weeks ago. I know I wouldn’t mind either of them, or both, being dealt this week. It would put a huge dent in our starting rotation with three players (Buehrle being the third) missing. Jake Peavy, Chris Sale, Zach Stewart, and Phil Humber would make up most of our rotation should Danks and Floyd get traded.

Having said that, a left-handed starting pitcher should be on the wishlist of Kenny Williams. C.J. Wilson is out there as a free agent and there is always a trade that could bring us a lefty. Closer/reliever Matt Thornton still has some value and could bring the Sox some good prospects or established major league talent in return. No matter what the method is, the Sox need another left-handed pitcher for the rotation.

A left fielder would be nice, too. There aren’t any natural left fielders on the roster at the moment and unless someone wants to teach Alex Rios how to play left I think it would be best if we either signed someone or traded for someone who can do it. Brent Lillibridge would be an option for left but it may take him a month or two to get used to playing in the outfield every day. Alejandro De Aza is a center fielder who could play left field but would be better suited in center.

Those are the big things that need to be addressed during the week. Hopefully there will be some good news to report soon.