Mark Buehrle signs with Marlins


We all sort of expected this would happen but it’s still fairly unsettling that it did. In a way Buehrle means as much to the image of the White Sox as Pujols does to the image of the Cardinals and now he’s just another face on the fish.

Buehrle’s deal with Miami is a four-year contract worth $58 million, $2 million more than Adam Dunn’s contract with the Sox. Buehrle isn’t worth nearly that much money but the Marlins have found a whole lot of cash that they’re willing to toss around so they gave it to him. Which is fine, but don’t be disappointed when you get a Mark Buehrle year and not a Roy Halladay year. You signed Buehrle.

As I said, we expected this to happen but it’s still a shock. Buehrle’s time with the Sox will always be remembered but we can’t stick around in the past while there are problems in the present to be dealt with. Not the least of which is the absence of a consistent left-hander in the rotation. Danks was iffy last year, and might be traded this offseason, and we don’t know how Sale will do as a starter. Floyd will probably go, too, so that leaves us with Jake Peavy, Zach Stewart, Phil Humber, and any prospects you want to throw in.

With 70+ days left in the offseason we will definitely spend some time to look back on some of Buehrle’s best moments with the Sox but until then we here at FanSided wish Mark all the best in Florida. Have fun, bud!