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It’s finally starting to hit me that Mark Buehrle is no longer a member of the Chicago White Sox. My friend and I were having a conversation about Albert Pujols leaving the Cardinals and how he never thought that would happen because he assumed Pujols was the face of the franchise and a guy they couldn’t afford to lose. I got to thinking about how Mark Buehrle was kind of our version of that guy, and Paul Konerko as well, but this is a Buehrle post.

If you think about the St. Louis Cardinals your first thought usually is Albert Pujols. Buehrle, to me, was the guy who popped into my head first when I thought about the Sox.  Buehrle, like Pujols, was an icon to the team. He’s the guy you put on billboards on the highway. He’s the guy who’s jersey you use in advertisements. He’s the guy who you want out at all of your events because he’s a genuinely nice person. Buehrle was always behind home plate to catch the first pitch or he was out sliding on the tarp during rain delays.

When girls deal with their feelings they usually put in a romantic comedy and curl up with a tub of ice cream and a spoon. We see it all the time in movies and on TV – that’s because that is what they do. I feel like this is an appropriate time for the male equivalent of dealing with that sadness, which is why I’m watching Buehrle’s perfect game and eating ice cream out of the tub with a spoon. There were a lot of good times with #56 on the roster and for the remaining 70-something days of the offseason it’ll be great to go back and look at them.

It’ll definitely be a weird pitching staff without Mark. He’s always been that one guy you go into the season thinking “Well, he’ll be there but I don’t know who else will.” Now he won’t even be there. Our rotation will consist of Jake Peavy, Zach Stewart, Chris Sale, Phil Humber, and who knows who else. There are plenty prospects down in our farm system who could fit in the rotation, though, and I will write a post about them soon. Look forward to that in the next week.

So what were some of your favorite Buehrle moments? We have the obvious ones but there have to be some not-so-obvious ones as well. Let me know and I’ll include that in one of my future Remembering Buehrle posts. (Wow. Enticing.)

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