John Danks and John Danks and

Danks and Quentin Tendered Contracts


The White Sox have chosen to keep John Danks and Carlos Quentin around for just a little while longer. Though their long-term futures are still uncertain, Danks and Quentin will stay with the White Sox organization for the foreseeable future. Should they sign contracts with the team, that is.

To be completely honest I have no clue what this “tendering contract” business is all about. I just know that if players aren’t offered contracts by the tender deadline (yeah, there’s a deadline for this thing) they become non-tender free agents. I barely even knew what the arbitration process was until a couple months ago. These are terms that I’ve always heard thrown around as a part of baseball’s language but I never bothered to research them until now. I couldn’t find much about tendering so just know that Danks and Quentin won’t be going anywhere this season unless they’re traded. I think that’s the point I was trying to make here…

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